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Angela Clark - Fashion Editorial

As an international fashion model, I love the freedom and independence to work exclusively with my clients...

  Ms Australia Universal Elegance
My story
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My Story

Learning to Love Yourself is one of the most important lessons that I have learned in life. It's a profound understanding of your inner self, embracing your unique qualities, and cultivating a positive attitude towards life. For me, this realization became a cornerstone of my existence. As a woman with a simple heart, my devotion lies with my family, and I find immense joy in supporting my sons as they navigate their respective career paths. Despite the routine responsibilities of a domestic goddess, I've come to appreciate the significance of carving out moments exclusively for myself. This "Special Just For Me Time" is not just a luxury but a necessity for personal growth and well-being. It allows me to pursue activities that bring me happiness, fostering a balance between familial duties and self-care. Through this journey, I've come to understand that self-love is not selfish; it's a vital foundation for a fulfilling life. Join me in embracing the beauty of self-love and the joy that comes with honoring your own needs and desires.

I proudly embrace my Armenian Russian heritage and like to express the sophisticated style and elegance of my culture in my work. I enjoy the diversity of the life of my people in the country and in the city as well as our world-renowned classical music, ballets, the arts, and architecture.


My journey has not been and is not an easy one. I have had to work very hard to overcome many challenges including relocating to Australia, learning a new language, and creating a lifestyle that enables me to focus on my family, helping others to build their businesses and their financial freedom and success. I have already achieved what many believed was an impossible dream of becoming an International Fashion Model and realized very early on that to achieve this dream I needed to develop greater self-confidence to engage with others in the industry while remaining authentic to who I am as a person in everything that I do. 

The World of Fashion is a very tough and competitive industry to work in and you have to back yourself to push past the fear of rejection or being told that you are just too old for this kind of work. I learned how to turn these obstacles into challenges and I faced them head-on. I decided that I would be brave and bold as well as determined and committed to Believing in Myself. Thanks to the support of my family and friends I have been able to enjoy continued success locally and internationally as a Fashion Model. I love exploring more creative and innovative ways to continue to develop my career goals and aspirations by working with others in the World of Fashion.

Taking good care of my physical, emotional, and mental health has also been paramount in embracing the many changes in my life. I want to be a role model and inspire all women both young and old that your body is your temple and we need to nurture and cherish it every single day. My strength is that I learned how to Believe in Myself and that I could manifest my dreams into reality. I love working with others to show them how they can achieve this for themselves as well.

I will be developing online and face-to-face workshops in the future to assist women in how they can add that little touch of grace and elegance into their professional and personal lives.


Stay tuned for further updates.



Welcome to my world!  I am an international fashion model, creative director, and style muse to a generation of elegant women over 40.  With an Armenian-Russian heritage, now proudly located in Australia, I am renowned for my sophisticated style translating to innovative campaigns in over 40 international and local fashion magazines, on runways, and with celebrated luxury brands.  Now at 50 years of age, I am bringing my graceful approach to fashion through artistic direction, content creation, and brand partnerships as well as proving that successful modeling careers can thrive well beyond teenage years.  I work exclusively with luxury brands to create extraordinary campaigns that showcase fashion in the most exquisite form.

Angela Clark - Cover story for Imirage Magazine

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