It is always awesome to see so much gratitude and appreciation for what I do. 

It means the world to me to know that people can connect with my work. 

When I receive testimonials and expressions like the ones below I feel like I’m

right where I should be. I would like to thank everyone who have taken the

time to leave such beautiful testimonials about my modeling.

Rania El-zahar

Fashion Designer

Sha Sha Fashion Founder


"My name is Rania El-zahar Designer, Importer & Retailer of Ladies Fashion & Accessories based in Brisbane, Australia. I had the pleasure of working with Angela in 2019 on high end professional location photoshoots which were published in GMARO Magazine with the Sha Sha Fashion Collection. In fact, I was overjoyed when Angela made the cover wearing a dress from my collection!

Angela is more than a Regal beautiful woman and professional model, I found Angela to have a heart of gold and passion for her work that I don’t see in most models. She is truly professional yet so much fun to work with. I really enjoyed styling Angela it was my favorite collaboration of all time in my 8 years as Owner Director of Sha Sha Fashion. I truly respect her professional attitude; self-confidence and she won my heart I would definitely love to work with Angela again and again. You must experience collaborating with Angela Clark to know what a wonderful experience it is. "

Kassandra Behrendt

Jewerelly Designer

CEO & Creative Director Pagoni


"Angela Clark is a breath of fresh air when it comes to her professionalism and commitment. She is always on time and prepared to stay until the job is done. I know that when I book Angela I will always get more than I expect. She took time to understand my needs, my vision and then, somehow, interpreted them into EXACTLY what I wanted for the camera!

She has an effortlessly classic elegance about her and is the epitome of style."

Terence Terrel

"I dont usually look at models on my timeline, as they all look the equivalent of white noise to me, with one model, morthing into next one, seamlessly. But when my eyes first happened upon Angela, I did the proverbial double take. For Angela was not your usual run of the mill clothes horse, but a woman of stand alone extraordinary beauty. She was so elegant, so regal, so majestic. I've subsequently found out that she has just turned 50, I was amazed, as she looks decades younger. She obviously bathed in the gene pool of youthful longevity, on her creation. Angela looks so natural, in all of the pics, and videos have I've seen her in.

The camera loves, her, and flirts unashamedly with her, Angela could wear a black bin liner as a dress, and make it look like a chanel creation, such is her sartorial elegance, combined with mesmeric beauty. Angela is also an inspiration to others, who realise dreams later in life, especially in a field that is age driven. Her motto, could read , dont give up never give up. Angela obviously has the support of a loving husband, as she travels , to and from her shoots across the country. As is true in all successful people, "it takes a village to raise a child" I remain a fan of her work from across an ocean, long may I remain so. "

Careen Lee

Australian Fashion Designer Millinery

"Angela Clark is one of Brisbane's top models, very hard working and gracing many magazine covers. Her images are always stylish and sophisticated and she has an ageless and very classic beauty. I thought Angela employed a make up artist as she always has a flawless face and I was amazed to learn that Angela does her own MUA. 

I have worked with Angela on a runway show in Brisbane and have found her to be a consummate professional, gracing the catwalk with ease and confidence. 

Angela is very hard working and I am very impressed with her can-do attitude. I would highly recommend her for any fashion assignment and wish her very well for the future."

Raul Cortoza


Raul Cortoza Photography

"Angela Clark is one of the best and ultra-competent models any photographer could possibly work with. Not only is she professional to the core, with each photoshoot she raises the bar. She's spontaneous, researches each photoshoot prior to bringing the right attitude and look is punctual and always accommodating. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd definitely rate her a perfect 10."

Rita Grigutiene

Fashion Designer


"Wow and wow results have been reached every time I work with Angela. Every garment looks like a masterpiece on Angela. She is a unique, elegant, classy and relaxed model. No matter how she feels or weather conditions, rain, hail, storm or sunshine she nails it and achieves the best results.

The thing that makes the great shoot Is Angela with a photographer they are a fantastic team. We had 6 outfits to shoot it took up to 9 hours and changed many locations to achieve the best photos. It was truly a unique experience that has not only made so many memories for me but as well as my work and my creations have been noticed worldwide. The bonus is that I have amazing photos and as well been published in four worldwide magazines such as Gmaro, Faddy, Gezno, London Runaway, Eclair.

Thanks so much, for such a wonderful experience."

Brennan Finighan

Clear Image Photography

"I have photographed Angela on a number of occasions and each time we have worked together I have found her to have a passion for modelling and creativity rarely seen in my photography career. Angela is reliable and has an impeccable eye for detail. She does her own beautiful makeup and organizes her fabulous fashion costumes and jewellery. Where it is usual for a team to collaborate on a fashion photoshoot to attend to the various aspect of styling, Angela is self-sufficient with organizing hair, makeup, costumes and accessories. Angela works to a high standard and seeks to work with me to achieve outstanding images. As a result, we have had our images win awards in international photography competitions and be published on front cover fashion magazines. With her good communication skills, we are able to work together effectively to create our planned concepts. Angela has a pleasant, and positive persona making her a joy to collaborate with, consequently resulting in a productive and enjoyable day. If you are looking for that perfect model for your fashion shoot Angela is the model for you."

Woman in Red
Michelle Christensen

Redki Couture Jewellery 


"With pleasure, I write a review for the lovely Angela. As a model, she is highly professional, prompt and ready for the shoot. Angela is very prepared to bring a well-organised kit being ready for any last-minute changes and she isn’t flustered by a change in a shoot. Angela has a beautiful energy about her, making her a delight to work with and is so very professional making the shots easy to get. As a person, she is such a delight and so lovely to be around. I can not speak highly enough of Angela as she is such an incredible model/person and brings so much to the shoot with her lovely personality and beautiful looks. Such a pleasure to know you Angela and I can highly recommend this beautiful lady."

Martin Kulin



"I met Angela via Instagram, Angela has been a model that I admired for many years and we have developed a friendship even though we have some distance between both of us. However, because of Covid and its difficulties it presented the original photographer they could not carry out the retouching, Angela needed some editing to a very high standard and I offered to be of some assistance. In the UK I am a photographer and Photoshop retoucher. I have to say that communication with Angela is excellent she's on the ball she's an amazing model everything she does is to the highest presentation. It was an honour to edit some images for her which I am pleased to say went on to be published. One day when the world returns to normal we hope to work together I cannot recommend Angela high enough as a professional beautiful model and superb model."

Susan Turner

Mrs Universe Australia NF
Owner of GEM magazine and GEQ magazine

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Our amazing model Angela Clark for quite a number of years now. I am astonished at how this amazing lady has achieved against all odds. The modelling industry is one hard and competitive industry to crack. Congratulations Angela on your wonderful amazing achievements. I am definitely excited to see your journey grow. You have so far impacted the modelling scene with all your grace. I for one so excited and extremely proud of your accomplishments. Well done Angela."

Robert Pedersen



"Getting to know Angela has been a highlight in my life.  The passion and dedication she brings to the creation of her art are inspiring.  And speaking of her art... Angela continues to amaze. Just when I think I've found a favourite image, she produces another!  Her craft is as impeccable as her character. Elegant, humorous and brilliant are just a few adjectives that come to mind.  I'm thrilled to be able to call Angela my friend."

Lina Jolly

Fashion Designer 


"I have known Angela for over 2 years now. Since I met her at a fashion show in Brisbane I knew that we will have a great time working together on fashion projects. We instantly connected - her bubbly personality and elegant style as well as friendly approach have made that easy. She now has featured in many of my collections and one of our photoshoots made it into a magazine. She works professionally, is time conscious and manages all the attributes needed for a smooth-running photoshoot. She knows exactly what she has to do with posing and choreography, making it so easy to work with her.​"

Hans Jörg Leth

Arts & Entertainment



"Angela is definitely a highly professional model that I haven't worked with personally, but we have been friends on social media for a long time. I had the pleasure of being able to make a number of edits for her and the way in which she defined her requirements for the finished image was very impressive! The consistency with which she maintains her appearance, the respectful communication and the fact that she meticulously replies to comments and feedback on her work also show great respect! It‘s an honour to know her!​"




"Angela is absolutely wonderful and multitalented woman! I know her as a very good and faithful friend of mine, caring mother of three, as a perfect wife and of course as an incredible model. I admire her natural and kind personality and how she is passionate about her modelling career. I really like her ambitious vibe, always elegant and unique look. I wish her a good luck and archive a big success in this modeling industry."

Manjot Singh



"I know many models but the great things to say about Angela She is dedicated, professional, responsive. Her love and passion for her work always fascinated me. I didn't get an opportunity to work with her as a Photographer that l always want, but I got an opportunity to work with her as an editor. She is seriously one of the best clients of mine, Angela is a true pleasure to work with, I look forward to many more assignments with Angela!"

Giang Brooke



"Very happy with Angela.

She is very talented and creative in her posing..... Also a keen interest and an open mind. It's always been a pleasure to working with her because of her organizational skills and always being on time.

Angela, you have the ability to achieve success in whatever you choose to do. Thank you and looking forward to working with you more often."

Christian Ekwerike

Public Figure/Model


"Angela Clark is a phenomenally talented woman. Poised with elegance and grace, every shoot she is involved in has stopped my breathe a little. Her creativity and eye for detail are qualities that I truly admire. Our work together has been a valuable addition to my growth and I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our body of collective work into the future. Despite the setbacks of covid, we are planning some photoshoots together that I am really looking forward to. A true professional in her own right."

Leila Loei

Ms Aus World Universal

National Finalist 2020 Ms

"I have met Angela 3 years ago at the Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show rehearsal and since then we became a friend. In my opinion, Angela is a very easy going person and friendly as a friend however in her modelling career, she has been very professional, creative and passionate about the fashion industry. Her focus, patience and intensity is infectious and seems to inspire the other young models and cast to do their best. Would definitely recommend her."

Larry Renner

"Angela is the consummate model to work with as she's intricately involved in the creative process and brings an entire range of possibilities to the creation of a story through her amazing photos. Her extensive range of styling and beauty make her an ideal for so many different kinds of genres."

Anton Tsar



"Angela is an absolute professional to work with! I had the pleasure of shooting with Angela for a magazine editorial earlier in 2020. We had some discussions about how we would like the shoot to run and what we hoped to achieve and on the day the communication and interaction flowed seamlessly. Angela matched her wardrobe and accessories perfect for the shoot I had planned which was critical given the colour palette I had provided. She nailed the theme and her poses expressed the exact look I was hoping to achieve. We achieved front cover together and are planning another shoot."

Upul Jayasinghe

The Portrait Photographer


"Angela is a very well experienced, talented, pretty, friendly fashion model with utmost dedication & passion. I am glad to mention that each magazine submission was accepted from her fashion shoots. I recommend her highly as a fashion model & wish her all the best..!"

Yulia Chichkanova


"I have worked with Angela a couple of times as a behind the scene photographer. I would recommend her as a model as she is reliable, confident and very organised. Angela was listening carefully and executing all photographer’s ideas with perfection."

Shari Louse Wright

Jewellery Sculptor 

"Angela Clark you are a dream to work with. I can’t express how grateful I am for your work enough. You are a professional that goes about your work with a love of what you do that is seen through the lens of the camera . The feedback from my customers when they see you showcasing our Jewellery is fabulous and sales prove it’s effectiveness."

Lana Wil


"Angela is a wonderful and kind person who has achieved success with her hard work. She loves everything to be done flawlessly and does everything at a high level."

Илья Постников

Instagram: post_studio_au

В профессиональном плане Анжела просто великолепна! Ослепляет своей пластикой и завораживает своим настроем к работе.

Работать с ней одно удовольствие. Съемки проходили в прекрасной атмосфере, которую создает Анжела. Спасибо ей и команде за доверие!​

Vivi Dante

ViviDante Photography


"It's always a pleasure working with Angela. She's lovely, fun and very professional with an eye for detail. As a talented model, she makes whatever she wears look absolutely stunning. Angela is always open to creative ideas and very dedicated towards her love for fashion and what she believes in."

Brunno Prette

Co-founder and Filmmaker


"Angela is a great model with a big atitute! She definitely knows exactly what to do in front of the camera. Angela is one of the most talented models I’ve worked in Australia."

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 1.09.18 pm.png
Gabby Hammett

Personal Stylist 

Gabby Hammett Styling


Working with Angela has been amazing. She is committed, intelligent, professional and creative. Apart from the obvious that she is gorgeous as well, and everything looks amazing on her … working as a stylist on her shoots is rewarding, exciting and fun! She is so dedicated to a good outcome and is not afraid of hard work. She makes my job easy as she is happy to work through each detail beforehand with me so that nothing is left to chance. I am truly in awe of Angela’s commitment and professionalism, I know I have said this twice now but I am fine with that, I really mean it. It is clear that Angela loves her work, she has told me many times, and her passion results in successful shoots with a wow factor. Every shoot I have done with her is published, which is very nice, and to finish … Angela is a lovely lady, so graceful, elegant and fun!

IMG_5202 copy_edited_edited.jpg
Stewart Douglas

Fashion/Portrait Photographer


I have been following Angela for about 5 years on Instagram and this year I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her on a couple of occasions. She is, without a doubt, the most professional model I have ever worked with. Her concept building and attention to detail are so amazing and it certainly inspires those around her. Angela strives for perfection, and she achieves this in all of her shoots. The quality of her portfolio is simply the best. I thank her for the shoot opportunities she has given me and also some of the most amazing I have in my portfolio. I look forward to working with Angela in the future and producing more magic.

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 1.34.11 pm.png
Yana Miller

Natural light  Photographer


I highly recommend Angela as a very talented and experienced model. She always inspires me as a photographer whenever we shoot together. Angela is professional and extremely elegant when it comes to posing and outfit choices. Working with her is pure pleasure and I'm always happy with the final results.

Kimbra Jelich

Fashion Designer 


Angela came on the Kimbralou radar via a high recommendation from Photographer Richard Smith, who is aligned with the brand. 

It was a valuable recommendation that resulted in high-end outcomes delivered by Angela’s professional Modelling skills in the realms of photoshoots, Runway and video content. 

I feel Angela sets a very high benchmark in her Modelling delivery. In this regard, she is considered a valuable asset to Kimbralou with her ability to project total ownership of herself. The Kimbralou looks are considered ‘loud’ and in all content, captured in images, I feel she is never seen with the looks ‘owning’ her. 

Angela’s professionalism in her communication, time management and respect for the team is exceptional. Added to this, she has the ability to quickly interpret creative direction while having valid opinions of her own. It is clear, at all times, that her professional opinions are delivered with an intent to contribute to the team. 

In attending a major fashion event, where Kimbralou is showcasing, there is always a group of Special Event Models enveloping me. I give great consideration to the specific individuals I invite. I consider this is one fun way of validating an individual value to the brand even though the Company pays for all Modelling services.  
In saying this, Angela is on the list of 30 to be with the kimbralou razzmatazz at Brisbane Fashion Festival.

Thuy Nguyen

Fashion business skills and program provider and designer

Angela Clark is one of the most accomodating, kind and professional model I have come across. Her timeless beauty and versatility enhance numerous looks and styles but the stand out trait is the love and passion she has for fashion and modelling as it shows in her eyes. This makes the task of the stylist and photographer a much easier process. I highly recommend her!

Eric Blanc

Creative Director and Stylist 

Angela: Beauty, Poise, Strength, Passion, Power, Confident, Professional, Committed and Fearless is how I would describe this powerhouse, working with Angela on set was an amazing experience. 

Angela is the kind of model that walks on set, knows exactly what the assignment is and 3,2,1 Execute, the only issue is picking a photo cause they’re all so great. 

As an up and coming stylist and designer I am so grateful she believed in me and gave me the opportunity to style her in my MASIOFO collection in collaboration with Moreno Marcos, that photoshoot landed us the cover of Panache Magazine and a feature on VOGUE Italia and that is an achievement not many designers and stylist have achieved from a first collection.  

I am truly grateful and blessed, for the creative success we have been able to achieve together, thank you Angela.

Zac Smith

Mr Smith Photography

As a photographer who specialises in photographing women for Magazine Covers and features throughout the world. I have had the pleasure to photograph Angela on two occasions.
With over 25 years of industry experience & awards including ‘Best Photographer 2010’ nationally and internationally.
Official Photographer for Miss Tourism, Miss World and Miss Universe National Crowning. 
The two venues we captured Angela's beauty were Sanctuary Cove Intercontinental Resort and Emerald Lakes, on both occasions, Angela was a true professional who moves with ease and has the ability to communicate with her photographer in subtle moves that enhance the final images. Angela is a delight to work with and communicates her style very elegantly. Thank you for giving me the opportunities Angela.

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